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Boats and ships represent freedom and adventure. So, you have spent a lot of money and now, you own a boat. You love it and hope it stays in pristine condition forever. While owning a boat can be quite nice, it is important to take care of it. Whatever the size of the boat, it needs regular maintenance. Hill’s Yacht Yard is a full service marina and boat yard in Beverly, MA that offers complete boat
maintenance services

The owner of Hill’s Yacht Yard is hands-on and has extensive experience with boats. We sell previously owned boats and we offer repair and restoration services for boats. The owner of Hill’s Yacht Yard is highly skilled and takes pride in his work. We have specialized equipment that no other boat yard in this region has. Hill’s Yacht Yard provides boat bottom (hull) cleaning service. This is the only boat yard that has the equipment to offer this service in this area.

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